What is All on 4 and what is involved?

All on 4 immediately rehabilitates patients wearing dentures or with failing teeth.  The All on 4 system incorporates 4 implants supporting 12 teeth in each jaw and is a graftless and immediate solution.

What is involved?

    • The removal of any remaining teeth and implants are inserted during the same procedure either under local or general anaesthetic
    • The teeth are inserted 1-2 days after the initial procedure

Why Dr Paltoglou and the Malo team?

  • m21Dr Jaclyn Wong is a surgeon with the Malo Australia team. The Malo team has performed All on 4 surgery now for over 10 years with excellent success and outcomes – they are the pioneers of introducing All on 4 under the Malo name to Australia. Association with the Malo name ensures worldwide support for our patients.
  • Dr Paltoglou has been responsible for the restorative phase of dental implants for over 20 years, with impressive results. He has the training and experience to plan and coordinate All on 4 dentistry for those in need of this treatment option.
    • Arrange an initial complimentary All on 4 consult with Dr Paltoglou to assess your suitability today.

How does the All on 4 differ from normal dentures or overdentures or traditional implant retained bridges?

  • The All on 4 bridge is fixed, ie. It cannot be removed by the patient, only by dentists trained to remove it. No more embarrassing social situations or losing your teeth at a meal
  • The bridge is lightweight and slim line and designed to sit only on the ridge of the jaw like natural teeth do. As a result, the roof of the mouth and gums are not in direct contact with the bridge – this means less pressure sores and a significant return in taste and temperature sensation as compared to removable dentures
  • The jaw bone in the All on 4 surgery is leveled, thereby removing diseased sockets and cysts that develop in periodontal and gum disease. The resulting platform is nice and flat, promoting ease of cleaning beneath the bridge and less chance of inflammation around the implants.
  • By removing the softer, diseased socket bone, implants are placed into the more dense underlying skull bone which improves the initially stability of the implants placed.
  • Removal of this diseased bone also makes way for vertical space to allow for a strong and metal reinforced bridge that will withstand chewing forces. It also allows for recontouring of the bridge to compensate for a lack of support of the upper lip which naturally occurs with age. Improving the facial support, in particular the lip support improves your final appearance, helping to achieve a more youthful appearance.
  • The All on 4 bridge is inserted only 1-2 days after the surgery
  • All surgery is completed in one stage, ie. On the same day
  • There is no need for bone grafting

I’ve been told I have to wait 3 months before the teeth can be inserted, why is the All on 4 able to be inserted day 1 to 2 following implant placement?

  • all_on_43The reason the teeth can be inserted 1-2 days after insertion of the implants (unlike single implants which still require 3 months healing before loading) is because:
    • The implants are locked together by a strong metal framework that is incorporated into the bridge of teeth (prosthesis)
    • They do not move unlike single implants that can undergo forces against them and move during healing
    • Also the bone in which the implants placed is stronger skull bone, compared with single implants which are placed in softer dental (alveolar) bone

I’ve been told I have too little bone for implants. Is All on 4 suitable for me?

  • If you have been told you have no bone in the upper jaw, that is not a problem. Dr Jaclyn Wong works with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon that places cheekbone (zygoma) implants – our surgeon has extensive experience, having placed the most zygomas in Australasia.
    • Cheekbone implants avoids the need for taking bone from other parts of the body, eg. The hip, to augment or “lift” the sinus floor
    • You can still have the teeth inserted 1-2 days following surgery
  • There is no case to date that we have not been able to rehabilitate with All on 4 surgery

I currently wear full dentures – can I wear these after surgery for 1-2 days until my teeth are ready to be inserted?

  • The current dentures can be hollowed out to wear after surgery whilst waiting for the bridge insertion, but most patients only spend about 1-2 nights without teeth and don’t worry about this

Is All on 4 right for me?

  • Please feel free to get a 2nd opinion but make sure you are comparing apples with apples, ie. Implant quality, surgical experience, quality and longevity of the final bridge to be inserted (is the bridge included all acrylic which will usually only last 3 months; or the stronger bridge with a metal framework core, which should last >10 years?), bridge warranties, ongoing clinical and prosthetic/lab support locally and worldwide, same day emergency repairs at the one location

I want to find out more information. What can I do?

  • A cone beam CT (3D scan of the jaws) is required for the consultation

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