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What is a Dental Implant?

Implant_principle[1]-editA dental implant is a titanium screw placed into the bone to replace a missing tooth or immediately replace a loose tooth or a tooth that is unable to be saved.

Dental implants are placed under sterile conditions either under a local anaesthetic in the chair or general anaesthetic at Masada or Bellbird Private Hospital.

A bone graft (synthetic bone, mixed with your natural bone) may be required either before or during the implant placement if there is a defect in the bone or not enough natural bone is available.

Approximately 3-4 visits over 4-6 months are required for single implant or an implant bridge (2 or more teeth connected) before completion.

After a dental implant is placed a period of 2-3 months osseointegration (bone growing around implant) is required before 2nd stage surgery (not required in all cases), exposing the neck of the implant and taking an impression, is performed. A colour match is taken either at our practice or with the dental technician before making the implant crown or bridge. For anterior (front) teeth, a provisional implant crown or implant bridge is required for the tissue (gum) to shape around the teeth before the final porcelain implant tooth or bridge is placed.

Prior to having dental implant surgery, a CT scan is required. This gives Dr Jaclyn Wong a 3D image of the bone available, the type of bone (soft or dense) and size/type of dental implant to be used.
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Dental Implants are subject to suitability and with all surgical procedures there are risks associated.

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