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Wisdom teeth can frequently cause pain and infections, particularly when they are impacted. Due to wisdom teeth being the last teeth to erupt into our mouths there is often not enough room for them to fully erupt, or they are so far back that they are difficult to access for cleaning. Over time food can become trapped and begin to rot. This creates high levels of bacteria in the area which eventually causes decay or infections. On occasion these infections can become so bad that emergency hospital admission is required to treat the infection. Wisdom teeth are not necessary for full chewing function and often their presence does more harm than good. These days it is considered best practice to remove wisdom teeth at the first sign of any issues, or if they are diagnosed from X-rays as impacted and likely to cause issue.

The most common reasons for removing the wisdom tooth is:

  • Decay
  • Infection
  • Pain
  • Orthodontic reasons

Dr Jaclyn Wong performs all of the surgical removal of wisdom teeth at the Paltoglou Dental Centre. She uses a multitude of techniques she has learned over the years to try and make the whole process as comfortable for her patients as possible, including the use of an anaesthetic delivery system known as the “wand” to reduce the discomfort of the injections, as well as allowing his patients to watch a DVD of their choosing during the procedure to act as a distraction. All extractions are performed under sterile, hospital-grade, conditions to help keep the risk of infection to an absolute minimum. Surgery may be performed under local anaesthetic in the dental chair, with or without a sedative, or under general anaesthetic at Masada and Bellbird Private Hospital’s where Dr Wong operates regularly. After a comprehensive consultation with Dr Wong the most appropriate treatment pathway can be chosen for you based on the complexity of the surgery and your personal preference.

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