Digital Smile Design is here!

smile-04Wow! Digital Smile Design is here! Last month Dr Paltoglou, our Hygenist Kanella and Myself attended a two day course in Sydney hosted by Omega Ceramics, presenting Dr Christian Coachman. He is a world famous dentist who was show casing his ideas in the area of “Digital Smile Design”. It was a very exciting presentation as we all got to see firsthand how dentists can demonstrate how patients can have the smile they have always wanted. Digital Smile design allows us to show patients exactly what their “future” smile will look at by taking photos of the patient and then digitally altering their smile keeping in mind the patient’s personality and facial characteristics. Dr Paltoglou is already offering this service to his patients and achieving beautiful smiles as a result. Digital Smile Design is becoming a useful tool of Paltoglou Dental. In fact I myself have become a digital Smile Design patient and was able to view my new smile straight away. I loved it so much, I can’t wait for my treatment to finish! Chelsey Nursing Coordinator

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