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At Paltoglou Dental Centre, we welcome children to our Practice.  As well as the Dentists we have two Hygiene Therapist’s working together with you to educate and encourage good Oral Hygiene habits from a young age.

  • It is recommended your childs first oral health visit take place at 12 months of age, or shortly after their first teeth have erupted
  • Treat the appointment as an ordinary event rather than a “big deal”. It may be helpful if your child sits on your lap during the check-up
  • Children who have regular check-ups (as directed by your Dentist) tend to have fewer dental problems

During your child’s first or subsequent visits, the Dentist and/or Hygiene Therapist may:

  • Assess your child’s risk of dental problems such as decay or crooked teeth
  • Clean your child’s teeth
  • Apply a fluoride treatment
  • Provide dental treatment
  • Provide oral health care hygiene tips
  • Refer your child to other dental specialists (such as a paediatric dentist or orthodontist)
  • Take radiographs where necessary


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