Preventative Care

The CariScreen is a simple 1 minute chair side test available to assist in diagnosing our patients susceptible to developing caries (cavities).  This is suitable for children (ages 6 upwards) & adults.

The test is quick and painless.  You simply take a swab sample which is then combined with special bioluminescence reagents, this creates a reaction that is measured with the meter.


 CariScreen Test  CariScreenMtr-Reading

Special Cotton Swab wiped across teeth
(photo courtesy of Essology)

CariScreen Reader
(photo courtesy of Essology)

At least 1 hour prior to having the test it is essential you do the following:

  • No brushing or flossing
  • No eating or drinking
  • No rinsing with a mouthwash

By taking a proactive preventative approach, together we can reduce your risk of tooth decay and avoid the potential of surgical intervention.

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Night Guard

A Night Guard (night splint/occlusal splint) is recommended for patients who grind their teeth to prevent excessive tooth wear and pain in both the teeth and jaw.  Tooth Grinding (Bruxism) is most common at night when you are sleeping and have no conscious control.

NightGuardOnModel NightGuard

Night Guard custom made

The most common signs of Tooth Grinding (Bruxism):

  • Headaches
  • Tension or pain in the temple region
  • Tension or pain in the neck and shoulder region
  • Jaw pain or tightness upon wakening
  • Toothache
  • Chipped or worn teeth




 BoyMouthguard Actual patient with white mouthguard

A custom made mouthguard from an impression taken by your Dentist or Dental Hygienist is the best protection for anyone involved in contact sport.

A mouthguard can be made in a variety of colours, including your choice of team colours (ie AFL).

A mouthguard should not restrict your speech or breathing, it should fit comfortably and be checked by your Dentist or Hygienist regularly.

When you are not uing your mouthguard ensure it is kept in a container and maintains it’s shape.


Fissure Sealants

Fissure Sealants are used to protect the narrow grooves (fissures) from forming cavities on the biting surfaces of both primary and secondary teeth.

The grooves (fissures) on the occlusal (biting) surfaces of back teeth are high-risk areas for decay as it is difficult to clean these grooves effectively with a toothbrush.

Fissures Sealants ideally should be placed as soon as is practicable (once the teeth are fully erupted).  The procedure can be completed by the Hygiene Therapist (on minors) or the Dentist using a tooth coloured material.  The procedure usually requires no Local Anaesthetic.

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