Restore your pearly whites with dental implants

Do you have an unsightly gap between your teeth caused by a missing tooth or teeth?  Or are your dentures making eating, smiling and speaking uncomfortable for you?  If you are looking for a teeth repair or replacement option that can give you back your confidence and a new set of teeth that can rival the real thing, then consider dental implants.


What are dental implants?

Dental implants are titanium posts or frames that are surgically placed into the jawbone beneath your gums.  These act as root replacements onto which replacement teeth (crowns and bridges) can be mounted.  Dental implants can hold a single crown or an entire set of teeth.

Experience the benefits of dental implants

Dental implants offer patients many benefits that other teeth repair methods don’t.  This is why dental implants are often the first choice for many patients.

Stable support for replacement teeth – The amazing thing about dental implants is that they actually fuse into your jawbone, a process known as “osseo-integration”, thus providing safe and stable support for artificial teeth.  Dental implants give dentures or bridges a secure fit, so they will not slip or move.  This means you avoid awkward social situations of dentures falling from your mouth when speaking or eating and other discomforts.

Next best option to natural teeth – Dental implants restore lost teeth so that they look, feel and function like your natural teeth, allowing you to talk, eat, smile and socialise with confidence.  Ordinary bridges or dentures may not be comfortable for many people due to sore spots, poor ridges or even gagging.

Keep your jawbone healthy – Losing teeth leaves empty spaces in your mouth.  When the jawbone is no longer supporting natural teeth, it can deteriorate causing appearance and potential health issues associated with the jaw joint.  Dental implants are the only teeth restoration option that stimulates bone growth and prevents bone loss.

Protect healthy teeth – Dental implants go to the jawbone, in the exact location of your missing tooth, without impacting adjacent healthy teeth.  It also prevents healthy teeth from moving if an empty space is left in between your teeth for a long period of time.

More predictable than other tooth repair or restoration options – These days most dental implant placement is considered relatively routine and predictable due to the advances in implant surface design and manufacturing.  It also has a proven track record of giving reliable, long-term and successful results.

Even patients with severely rotted or broken teeth can restore their teeth using dental implant technology.

Take care of your dental implants with a few simple steps

Dental implants are typically more expensive than other tooth repair or replacement methods, but with proper care, your implants can last you a long time, saving you money over the long-term.  Here are some tips on how you can take care of your dental implants.

Practice good oral hygiene – Keep brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once daily.  You may also use inter-dental brushes as these can help you clean hard to reach places in between your implants.

If you smoke, try to quit – Smoking weakens the bone structure and can lead to implant failure.

Skip hard foods – Avoid chewing hard foods such as hard nuts or candy as much as possible because they may break both your replacement and natural teeth.

Visit your dentist regularly – Make sure to go to your dentist at least every six months, or as your dentist prescribes, for regular cleaning and check-up.  This can help ensure that your implants are in good condition.

If you are seriously considering dental implants, consult with your dentist. Our dentists at the Paltoglou Dental Centre meticulously plan your procedure using the latest in imaging software to analyse 3-dimensional x-rays of the your jaw. We take care to track nerves, vital structures and take precise measurements to ensure safe and lasting implant placements. Importantly, we discuss all of your options including costs with you so you can choose and plan for the options that best suits you.

The Paltoglou Dental Centre is happy to discuss any questions you might have on dental implants.  Call us on 03 9824 7722.  We specialise in cosmetic dentistry and are here to help you regain your confidence with a set of pearly whites that come very close to the real thing.

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