Whiter Teeth in Only 7-14 Days – $200 OFF (Special Offer)


Are your spring carnival outfits ready? Will you be flashing a “Winning Smile” this November? 

Most of us will have picked out our fascinators or the perfect tie to match our suit. But what about our teeth? Make sure you are spring carnival ready head to toe!!

Until the end of November we will be offering our home bleaching service at a discounted rate of $450 (Normally $650) 


  • Customised trays (that are comfortable to wear and minimise the amount of bleach used).
  • Bleach and instructions.
  • Plus an inclusive review appointment.

Most patients will see results in 1 – 2 weeks when following our instructions. Our customer satisfaction is very high! 

Download and print the coupon below and call us to make an appointment today!

**Subject to suitability and should ideally be organised with a hygiene appointment as it works best on freshly cleaned teeth. Impressions will be taken once assessed and custom trays will be ready in 3 working days.


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